Websites have evolved and changed over the years, haven’t they? With the advent of CMS-based sites (think WordPress), websites have taken on an entirely new look and new administration. But sometimes an html-based site will still do the job, and do it more effectively. It’s all about what the client needs. But the bottom line in ANY site is:

  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Does it communicate what the product/service is about?

What I have also seen with many clients is that they initially feel as though they can create their own site. (those ads make it look SO easy, don’t they?) But when they begin to design their new website, they sometimes feel as though they are in over their heads and just can’t get the results that they want. I’ve had many clients come to me to do the initial set up and then they will take over the updates. Others find that they would just rather I do all of the updates. Whatever the client’s goals and comfort levels, I will find a way to create the website that he wants.


Click on a thumbnail to view. Mouse over the “I” for more information about the piece. Clicking on the name of the website¬†(in the description)¬†will take you to it. Several of these sites are no longer active and presented for their design only.