Cards For Business, Special Occasions, and Programs

A card of any type gives the recipient an immediate connection to you. We feel that your cards should be as unique as you, and tailored to send the message you want to send. That’s the beauty of customized business cards, greeting and holiday cards, and any other cards for special occasions.


Business Cards

Your business card is more than just a piece of card stock with your name and address. It conveys a sense of YOU and of your business. It is often your new contact’s first impression of you, so make it a positive image and one that will stay with him (and not end up in a trash can!).


Holiday and Other Occasion Cards

One can always purchase greeting cards and invitations at a variety of stores. Many retailers and photographers now even offer “custom” cards using your own photo (and their overlays which many other retailers offer as well). But it’s really not that expensive to create a card or invitation that is unique to YOU or to YOUR event.

My favorite example of this is the blue and white duotone of a bridal couple (shown in the gallery below). It’s an invitation to the pictured couple’s 50th wedding anniversary vows renewal and reception. An old photograph becomes a work of art as THEIR photo graces THEIR invitation. Think of all the other occasions you might have to send out a personalized card: send a Thanksgiving card to let friends know you’re thankful for them. Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, and/or Kwanzaa cards that represent your vision of the holiday. Depict a holiday as YOU see it, and with your images. (or make up a holiday – why not?!) Even “Thinking of You” cards take on a new meaning, when they contain your actual thoughts.


Trading and Program Cards

Handing out cards to the public isn’t limited to business cards. Think about creating a card for an organization or program. It’s like a mini-postcard that your contact can tuck away and refer to later, or go to your website and learn more (and remember, we create websites too). The advantage of program cards is that it’s easy for all members to distribute them. Trading cards aren’t limited to the major leagues any more either! ANY group can create cards with a photo on one side, and information on the other. And they’re not limited to people either! We’ve created cards for pedigreed cats. I think that these would be great for a museum to hand out to young people about various pieces in their collections.


Your Imagination is the Limit…

…to what YOUR custom card can be! Contact us today and let us design a special card for you.

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