Photoshop – an Interview

Webdesigner Depot recently published an interview with Stephen Nielson, Senior Product Manager for Photoshop, discussing both the development history of Photoshop, and where it’s going to.   It’s a very interesting read, and I’d recommend you take a look at it.

Photoshop recently celebrated its 25th birthday?! Seems like just the other day that I was writing about their 20th (for another blog). Tempus fugits, indeed.  I’d wager that few designers today could imagine what Photoshop was like back in the 90’s at its origins. It was a FAR different piece of software than it is today! I began my design career back on Photoshop 3. (yes, that’s 3….not CS3, but the 3rd version)   Back then, there was only one undo, so you had to worked on a lot of layers and really tried to catch any mistakes immediately – or else risk ruining a couple hours’ of work!  You also had to walk uphill through 3 feet of snow both ways to save a file!  (ok, just kidding about that one, but it really was such a different, less complicated program than today’s version).

Even at Photoshop’s beginnings, it contained so many tools that allowed a designer so many options. One had a chance to know almost everything that it could do. I’d venture to say that now, no one designer is a complete master of all of its applications. And part of that is because Photoshop’s range has become so broad. (actually, this interview notes that is why Lightroom became a standalone app for photographers)

Me, I’m hoping that Photoshop will be around for another 25 years, and that I’m still here at the digital tablet (or whatever input method we’re using by then) using it.


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