The best design is simply good basic design. Period.

Design that may use – but does not rely on – gimmicks, flashy plug-ins, sounds, or lots of special effects.
Logos and artwork that when stripped of “artistic effects,” its design still holds up.i specialize in designs based on artistic or historical themes and also with image manipulation to transform several old images into a unique work of art. I also offer basic design and digital retouching work at all levels.With the advent of the digital age, a person may believe that with a computer and some software, he can be a “digital designer.”

  • can they do it well?
  • can they create it in a timely fashion?
  • and have they created something unique that expresses who the entity is and what is stands for?
  • and have they produced something that a commercial printer can print if necessary?

Perhaps you have decided that you need a web site, but just don’t know what you want? Or perhaps you don’t know what to say about yourself or your business. Talk with me. Tell me who you are, what your business is about, and how you want your public to see you.  I will do the rest and tell your story for you!
I want to offer my clients both my services and my advice in making good choices that will enhance both their products and their companies. And having someone who can help you make those decisions and make you look good gives you the time to do what you do best – running your business.