It’s a Fine Line

The last year or so has seen the look of web design change dramatically as design elements have gotten flatter and leaner. While I still waffle of the “advance” of flat design (some of it’s lovely, some just leaves me … well, flat), I am loving the movement towards line icons.

A recent article in Designmondo really shows just how far artistically these little elements have advanced. What I personally like about them is that they embody my philosophy of clean and lean design. These in particular have a certain delicacy about them that I find visually pleasing and allows for enough detail that one actually doesn’t have to guess the meaning of said icon (no “mystery meat navigation” here!)

For example, there’s this lovely set of travel icons from Creative Market –

Another (FREE!!) set over at Web Design Blog

So look for me using these versatile and stylish icons in my upcoming web designs!

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