I’m Baaaack!

For the past few years after I have returned from the Cat Writers’ Association conference, I have returned vowing to be better and more consistant with my blogging (or as I prefer to say, “musing”). And…we’ve seen just how well that has turned out.

I’m “old school” when it comes to writing, and prefer to write only when I actually have something to say. And for me, that usually means doing additional research, acquiring/creating images. It’s as though I’m creating a school paper here! And perhaps…that’s not what I really need to be doing for this. So, I’m going to try a swifter, less intense approach and see where that leads me.

One thing that I have been thinking a lot about lately is color – history, usage, associations and the like. So for my “Kickoff Revival” (not to be confused with Sunday afternoon football in the South…) I’m going to explore color both individually, collectively, and practically. I think that it will be fun, provide a bit of a respite, and shake the old brain up a bit. I invite you all on this journey with me.

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