What Can We Create For You?

Just about everything related to design and then some.
Let me present you and your business beautifully and effectively   
brochure design


Business Cards • Brochures • Displays • Print Layout

You have something to say, and we want to present it beautifully and effectively. Good design attracts your reader’s attention and presents your product or idea in a way that elicits a positive response to the words you’ve written.. You may have great copy, but if it is poorly presented, your reader may never finish reading it. Or worse, may leave with a negative impression. From small cards to large show or event displays, let me work with you to present you and your business in the most positive light. .

photo compositing


Photo Retouching and Color Correction • Compositing • Creative Image Manipulation

Photo retouching and color correction • Compositing • Creative Image Manipulation Almost every photo needs a little touching up before it’s ready to be used in a project. The color or lighting may be off, or it may need some other work to make it (and you) look its best. I spent 15 years as a photo retoucher at a commercial photography studio working in both critical color and recoloring product. We often had to get creative when a shot called for a table with six chairs, but the manufacturer only had two.

It’s SO difficult to get photo compositing correct. Ideally, the finished images should appear to exist in the same reality. More often than not, they’re just silhouetted images combined together. And I love that we’re seeing more combining of illustrations with photography! Digital media has given artists a completely new medium to work in, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

website design


Graphics • Development • Maintenance

Websites have come such a long way from their beginnings in the ‘90’s (and I was there, coding away in html). Now, hosts tout that “you don’t even need to know how to code to have a website.” And you don’t – but you may not be getting the site that you really want, either. Work with a professional and get the site that showcases you and your business the way that YOU want.

Have ideas? Have some web skills, but not enough to build a complete site? Let’s collaborate! You can provide the copy and ideas, I can make the site happen, and you (or I) can update.
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logo design

Logo Creation

Your logo tells your business’ story before someone ever meets you. Let it make the statement that YOU want! There is so much to consider with a logo’s design. It has to look just as good on the side of a pen as it does on the side of a building. That means that the design needs to be correct and also must be available as a vector graphic. Let a professional help you avoid the pitfalls too many people attempting to design their own logo have encountered.

copy writing


Almost everyone I have worked with--even writers—has the same thing to say when it comes to writing about themselves and/or their business: “I can’t write about myself!” It’s hard to write about yourself or your company effectively. I also offer copywriting and editing services to help you say what YOU want to say the way you want to say it.

The great thing about having such a diverse background is that it enhances all of the services that I offer.
I can almost always relate to a client and his business, and build up his identity from there.

Images Have Meaning

New Year's Card

My New Years' cards often use the themes of cold, retreat, and coming forth again. This card combines several photos and a semi-transparent sketch effect. I love that it shows both cold and warmth at the same time. The text is somewhat translucent and allows the background colors to play inside of it.
photo compositing

Cat Talk December 2020

Wraparound cover. Longhair white cats just feel like winter! Here I combined a white Persian and white Maine Coon Cat along with an elegant Siamese. The shooting starts were created in Illustrator and then have a foil effect on them.
graphic design

Promotional web banner for an Egyptian club holding an online contest

Party in Egypt? I already knew about these musicians with perfumed candles on their head. Add a mosaic with a scarab and we're ready to go!