Although I am primarily a print graphic designer, my artwork covers a variety of areas.



Logo and Design Work

Good logo design must express what a company or other entity is by creating an element that may used: in black and white OR color on the side of a pen or the side of a building immediately recognizable and unique. Not as easy as it originally seemed, is it?  And how many logos fail at least …

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Specialty Cards

Special cards for special occasions. Holiday cards, invitations, and announcements Even business cards can be unique. Why should you settle for an ‘off the rack’ design, when you can have something that is completely yours? Click on a thumbnail to view. Mouse over the “I” for more information about the piece.

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Promotion and Displays

Promotion is all about attracting your targeted customer’s eye, regardless of whether it’s for a product or an event. I’ve been fortunate to have been asked to create some really great graphics for shows and events! Click on a thumbnail to view. Mouse over the “I” for more information about the piece.

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SO many things to think about when working with printed materials! It’s not just creating a great piece (although that certainly helps!). It’s about making certain that nothing gets cut off because it’s too close to an edge, making it easy to read, and the greatest issue: color. If the piece isn’t created properly or …

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My background is in commercial retouching. As such, I have created a LOT of photo images of things that don’t actually exist over the years. For the final product to be believable (or at least not cringe-worthy!) takes a lot of skill. I began doing illustrations when I began doing layout and design on Cat …

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Websites have evolved and changed over the years, haven’t they? With the advent of CMS-based sites (think WordPress), websites have taken on an entirely new look and new administration. But sometimes an html-based site will still do the job, and do it more effectively. It’s all about what the client needs. But the bottom line …

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