It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

If you’ve been in the web biz (heck, if you’ve USED the internet!) for more than 5 years, you’ve seen a lot of changes. I wasn’t around at the beginning, but began working with website design at the end of the 90’s and of course have seen the dramatic changes since then. And trends…oh yes trends. Some good, some bad, and some…not ugly, just misapplied.

Let’s take Flash. It’s still good for some very specific web applications. For general usage – not so much. Especially considering that most mobile devices don’t support Flash. For example: why would one use a Flash-based gallery or photo display? Especially now that there are better alternatives. Nor will search engines find these pages and search engines will actually ‘ding’ sites that use Flash.

Some of my business comes from reengineering older websites and of course these often come with depreciated or now-problematic. Such as – Flash photo galleries. First question: why? Even back in the day. They still look nice, but it still violates the basic SEO rule of making every page element searchable. And changing photos? Not so easy.

I’m not the first to say it, but Flash is evil. You can do better.

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