Where We've Been, What We Do

and why all those cats are in my samples.

Platinum Moon Graphics is a small graphic design company located in Greensboro/High-Point/Winston-Salem Triad, in central North Carolina. 

 My fine arts degree initially took me into precious metal work and repair. However, even then I was interested in visual graphic design and the desktop publishing revolution of the mid-90’s arrived just as I was leaving metalwork. (And pushing pixels is a lot cleaner work than polishing gold!) 

 After receiving a degree in computer graphics, I became a digital retoucher for a commercial photography studio. I learned to make products look better than they photographed and often had to create products that didn’t quite exist – yet. Commercial work also revolves around critical color, as objects often don’t photograph the color that they really are, so I spent a lot of time correcting color. Silhouetting objects and placing them on white backgrounds, compositing shots together, and even changing a piece’s color or finish was something that I did every single day. I also created printed sheets, handouts, and did other typesetting. 

 In the meantime I started Platinum Moon Graphics, creating websites, ads, display pieces, and small printed materials for various groups that I worked with. What I loved about both venues was that I was constantly challenged to figure out how to create something. That’s a challenge that stays with me to this day. 

 After fifteen years it was time for a change and Platinum Moon Graphics became a full-time operation. I’m now creating brochures, show/trade displays, more websites, more ads, and even edit and design an international organization’s magazine. I love that people come to me asking “can you create this?” and leave with a big smile.

A Few FAQs

What’s with all the cat-related art in your portfolio?

I breed cats and am an allbreed judge for The Cat Fanciers’ Association. I’ve done a lot of work for them, as well as for clubs and breeders, over the years. I am now CFA’s graphic designer as well as editor and layout designer for “Cat Talk” magazine. That doesn’t mean that I don’t do other types of design, just that this is a large part of my client base.

How much do you charge?

Depends on the job. What I have found works best for both the client and me is to work on an hourly rate basis. The more ‘ready to print’ material that a client can provide to me, the less it costs them. On the other hand, if I need to create content, I can do that as well. So, we talk and I give you an estimate of the cost.

I want a website that I can update.

That’s getting easier and easier with the advent of content management-driven sites. What I’ve discovered works well is for me to put sites together with some static pages (that will change infrequently) along with some editable pages that clients can update themselves or email to me so that I can do the updates for them.

I'm not sure what my website should say...
I'm not comfortable writing about myself...

No problem! I do copywriting and editing too!

Our Philosophy

The best design is simply good basic design. Period.

Design that may use – but does not rely on – gimmicks, flashy plug-ins, sounds, or lots of special effects. Logos and artwork designs that when stripped of “artistic effects,” still hold up. 

I specialize in designs based on artistic or historical themes and with image manipulation to transform several old images into a new, unique work of art. I also offer basic design and digital retouching work at all levels. With the advent of the digital age, it’s tempting to believe that with a computer and some software, anyone can be a “digital designer.”

  • can they do it well?
  • can they create it in a timely fashion?
  • have they created something unique that expresses what the entity is and what is stands for?
  • and have they produced something that a commercial printer can print if necessary?


Perhaps you have decided that you need a web site, but just don’t know what you want? Or perhaps you don’t know what to say about yourself or your business. Talk with me. Tell me who you are, what your business is about, and how you want your public to see you. I will do the rest and tell your story for you! I want to offer my clients both my services and my advice in making good choices that will enhance both their products and their companies. And having someone who can help you make those decisions and make you look good gives you the time to do what you do best – running your business.


more of our work

photo composite ad

CFA Yearbook ad

The cat featured is named "Sweet Emotion" and the owners wanted to play up the Aerosmith aspect. No problem! I turned the ad into an "album," complete with linernotes and some other rock and roll references. ("Stevie" is the cat's call name)
Pull up banner

Pullup Banner

This writer wanted something simple, but striking, for her book signing set-up. Black, white, and hot pink are always a winning combo and goes well with her photograph too.
Pull up banner

Pullup Banner

Six foot tall banner to be used as a show display. It combines 3 different photos